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[ Battle of Fort Stephenson - History Links Project Ideas - Primary Sources - Ohio County Boundaries - War of 1812 Uniform - 1812 Native American - Writing Links - Art Links - Crossword - Culminating Activity - Croghan Day 2012 ]

#1 Art Activity: Design a Medal of Honor

In 1835, Colonel Croghan Congress presented Colonel George Croghan with a Medal of Honor for his actions during the War of 1812. The bust of Croghan is on one side and the reverse show Fort Stephenson with three gunboats in the background. “Pars Magna Fuit” is Latin for His share was great. Go to online sites that show today’s Congressional Medal of Honor for the various military services. Then design your own “Medal of Honor” and list qualities needed to be awarded this medal. You may wish to draw your medal onto a paper plate so it is large enough for all to see.


#2 Art Activity: Design a Postal Stamp

America honors its heroes with portraits on stamps. Draw a large rectangle, portrait view, and sketch a stamp that reflects the dignity of the battle or of Colonel Croghan. Then use magic markers to color in the stamp. Highlight features with fine-lined markers. Be sure to label your stamp and include the dates.

#3 Art Activity: Design a Historical Monument

Historical markers have been created to remember events of the past. This marker helps us remember soldiers who fought in past wars. It is on the grounds of Birchard Public Library in Fremont, Ohio. The soldier is not dressed to look exactly like a soldier of The War of 1812. Brainstorm what would be important to remember from this war or from The Battle of Fort Stephenson. Design your own monument by drawing a sketch first. Then think what materials would help you create this memorial. This may be a drawing or a three dimensional object for show.

#4 Art Activity: Hall of History Life –Size Drawings

Gather into groups in your classroom and ask each group to choose people from the battles in North West Ohio during The War of 1812. Research the chosen person so that the students are able to write many facts around the body they are about to draw. One member’s body could be traced onto a large piece of butcher paper to serve as an outline. Students should create characteristics and clothing to portray their person accurately. Have students synthesize information about the person and write at least five facts they consider the most important. Present your “Hall of Famer” to the class.


#5 Art Activity: Picture Postcard

Picture postcards are used to give relatives and friends back home an idea of what a traveler has seen and experienced. Using a 5” by 8” card, draw a front picture depicting Fort Stephenson, combat, gunboats on the river, shooting a cannon, or awarding Colonel Croghan with a medal or sword. Use pencil first and then fill-in with fine-lined magic markers. On the back, write a short letter home to a relative or friend explaining what you have seen. Don’t forget to sign your name and date your postcard! You may wish to create a stamp for it as well.



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December 18, 2018