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[ Battle of Fort Stephenson - History Links Project Ideas - Primary Sources - Ohio County Boundaries - War of 1812 Uniform - 1812 Native American - Writing Links - Art Links - Crossword - Culminating Activity - Croghan Day 2012 ]

# 1 Timeline activity:

First research Colonel George Croghan by reading the online links of his life. Using a long length of butcher paper or a clothesline and clothespins to attach dates to events, design a timeline. Find major dates and events in Colonel Croghan’s life. Be sure the space time intervals equally. Once the timeline is created, devise a parallel timeline that marks events the country experienced during Croghan’s lifetime.



Marker 08-72

#2 Roadside Historical Markers:

Visit some historical markers within Sandusky County such Ball’s Battlefield, Spiegel Grove and Whittaker’s Acres. Create a modern marker which would attract attention to the event of the Battle of Fort Stephenson. Where would you place the marker? What wording would you use? What illustration or graphic? Be sure to include the five W’s: who, what, when, where and why. Would you include more than one marker for this battle?

#3 Compare and Contrast :

Using online links to the military leaders in this battle choose two of the following: General Proctor, Colonel George Croghan, General William Henry Harrison, or Tecumseh. Study their lives and successes. Create a Venn diagram on butcher paper and name the overlapping area, “commonalities.” List contrasting characteristics and outcomes in their lives. Do the same for the common area.


#4 Cause and Effect:

Choose a major effect such as “Croghan defeats the British.” Write it in the large circle on a piece of butcher paper. Reread the story of the battle. Drawing lines out from the circle like spokes of a wheel, record contributing causes of the British defeat. Carefully print these on each “spoke.” Repeat the process until the circle has many spokes.


# 5 Artifacts:

If possible go to the Birchard Public Library Museum Room and look over the artifacts from the fort in the shelf cases. If you are unable to go to the museum, go to the artifact link in the Sandusky County Scrapbook on the Fort Stephenson site. Study the pictures. Take time to identify and study the artifacts. Then complete the worksheet attached to this activity labeled, “Artifacts.”



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December 18, 2018