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[ Battle of Fort Stephenson - History Links Project Ideas - Primary Sources - Ohio County Boundaries - War of 1812 Uniform - 1812 Native American - Writing Links - Art Links - Crossword - Culminating Activity - Croghan Day 2012 ]

#1 Writing Activity: Diaries from the summer of 1813 . Diaries are an important primary source for historians. They add insight into not only the activities of the people involved but their feelings and motivations as well. Choose a primary character such as Croghan, Proctor, Tecumseh, or Harrison and write about the battles they commanded. Or choose a simple soldier or settler nearby and write about their activities and be sure to include their feelings and point of view. Perhaps you are a native watching the battle from the nearby woods.


#2 Writing Activity: Each year Time magazine has a cover picture and article for the “Person of the Year”. Writers submit their story to the editor of Time Magazine.

You must research Colonel George Croghan, Tecumseh or General William Harrison and choose one to submit as “Person of the Year.” State your position by giving examples that support your position. Try to give two or three good reasons and examples to support those positions. Finally restate your position in the conclusion. Draw a picture for the magazine cover.

Reason #1
Reason #2
Reason #3
Evidence to support reasons:






















#3 Writing Activity: Interviews

Choose a major leader from the Battle of Fort Stephenson or the War of 1812 and put yourself in the place of a nationally known television journalist. What questions would you like to ask this hero or well-known leader? Write down your questions. Ask a well-informed classmate to pretend they are the person you would interview. Ask them to answer the questions and be sure to take time to write them down or type them out!


#4 Writing Activity: Poetry

People poems are fun and easy to write. Choose a leader from the battle such as “Croghan”.

Write an acrostic: the first letter of each line begins with a letter of the person’s name. The lines consist of words or phrases describing the person’s characteristics.


L anky

I ntelligent

N ote-worthy

C ivil War President

O ral communicator

L awyer by profession

N ick-named “Honest Abe.”


#5 Writing Activity:Write lyrics to a song

Putting new words to a familiar tune is a fun way to learn history and enjoy music.

Brainstorm the familiar songs of history and America. Such songs may include:

When Johnny Comes Marching Home , Battle of New Orleans, My Country Tis of Thee,Sink the Bismarck, Oklahoma, Georgia on My Mind, Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, etc.

Use the knowledge you have of the Battle of Fort Stephenson and our hero Colonel Croghan to words and tunes.

Teach your class the new song or create a rap and have everyone join in!


#6 Writing Activity: Speechwriting

Pretend you are President Madison awarding Colonel Croghan a medal of honor. Who would you speak to? What would your message be? Make a short outline and from that framework, create a speech.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body of speech
    a. Battle summary
    b. Croghan, the hero
  3. Why this Battle is Important
  4. Awarding the U. S. Medal of Honor

#7 Writing Activity: Narrative

Brainstorm character and plot ideas for a narrative. Place the setting in Northwest Ohio during the summer of 1813.

Character ideas: settler, member of the Whittaker family, native, scout, British soldier, or American soldier.

Plot ideas: spy missions, rescue missions, supplying food and supplies to the troops, surviving the battle, meeting General William Henry Harrison, ambushes by natives in the woods.

Idea: Research Lieutenant Ball and his mission to reach Fort Stephenson only to be confronted by natives. Use this as an inspiration for a narrative.



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