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[ Computer Classes - Computer Lab - Class Descriptions ]

We offer several FREE computer classes for the public. Below are the class
descriptions and minimum requirements to take the class:

Computer Basics
Computer Basics 1
- This session covers the hardware, software, and the Windows10 operating system. No prerequisite is necessary. Handout
Computer Basics 2
- In this class the student will learn files and folders. Personalizing the computer. Shortcuts and error messages. Computer Basics 1 is a prerequisite. Handout
Computer Basics 3
- Introduction to the Internet, covering options for Internet access, the Internet browser, and searching the Internet are topics in this class. Computer Basics 1 and 2 are prerequisites. Handout
Computer Basics 4
- The final class covers several Internet applications, including: email and using online government forms. Popular websites. Computer Basics 1, 2, and 3 are prerequisites. Handout
Writing Stuff
Microsoft Office 1 (Word)
- Learn the basics of Creating, Editing, and Printing electronic documents using Microsoft Office 2016. Learn basic formatting, cutting, copying, and pasting and navigating ribbons. You need to have familiarity with a keyboard and mouse. Handout
Microsoft Office 2 (PowerPoint)
- Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Office PowerPoint with navigation tips, slide layout, design options, and slide show do's and don'ts. The class will include: Creating a new Presentation, Adding slides, Slide manipulation, adding and modifying Text, Graphics, Drawing Objects, ClipArt, and WordART.   This class is not suited for the beginning computer user. Handout
Microsoft Office 3 (Excel 1)
- Learn fundamentals of Microsoft Office 2010 Excel layout, functionality, and construction. Use text, numbers, and formulas to create a sequence of spreadsheets. The student will learn how to format text in cells, copy and move data, insert and delete rows and columns, and navigate in a workbook. Knowledge of general math is essential, and knowledge of the mouse and keyboard will be expected. This class is not suited for the beginning computer user. Handout
Microsoft Office 4 (Excel 2)
- A continuation of Excel 1 that will include basic functions, working with multiple worksheets, inserting and deleting rows and columns, changing row height and column width. Completion of Excel 1 is a prerequisite.

All classes are "hands-on" and last 1 1/2 hours. Participants must register in advance. Please call 419-334-7101, ext. 216 to ask questions. Register by Phone or Online.

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June 9, 2017

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