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[ Computer Classes - Computer Lab - Class Descriptions ]

We offer several FREE computer classes for the public. Below are the class
descriptions and minimum requirements to take the class:

Computer Basics
Computer Basics 1
- This session covers the hardware, software, and the Windows10 operating system. No prerequisite is necessary. Handout
Computer Basics 2
- In this class the student will learn files and folders. Personalizing the computer. Shortcuts and error messages. Computer Basics 1 is a prerequisite. Handout
Computer Basics 3
- Introduction to the Internet, covering options for Internet access, the Internet browser, and searching the Internet are topics in this class. Computer Basics 1 and 2 are prerequisites. Handout
Computer Basics 4
- The final class covers several Internet applications, including: email and using online government forms. Popular websites. Computer Basics 1, 2, and 3 are prerequisites. Handout
Writing Stuff
Microsoft Office 1 & 2 (Word)
- Learn the basics of Creating, Editing, and Printing electronic documents using Microsoft Office Word 2016. Learn basic formatting, cutting, copying, and pasting and navigating ribbons. You need to have familiarity with a keyboard and mouse. Handout 1 Handout 2
Microsoft Office 3 (PowerPoint)
- Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Office PowerPoint with navigation tips, slide layout, design options, and slide show do's and don'ts. The class will include: Creating a new Presentation, Adding slides, Slide manipulation, adding and modifying Text, Graphics, Drawing Objects, ClipArt, and WordART.   This class is not suited for the beginning computer user. Handout
Microsoft Office 4 (Excel 1)
- Learn fundamentals of Microsoft Office 2010 Excel layout, functionality, and construction. Use text, numbers, and formulas to create a sequence of spreadsheets. The student will learn how to format text in cells, copy and move data, insert and delete rows and columns, and navigate in a workbook. Knowledge of general math is essential, and knowledge of the mouse and keyboard will be expected. This class is not suited for the beginning computer user. Handout
Microsoft Office 5 (Publisher)
- Learn the basics of creating, editing, and printing documents in Microsoft Office Publisher 2016. Learn basic formatting, cutting, copying and pasting and the navigation ribbons. You need to have familiarity with a keyboard and mouse. Handout

All classes are "hands-on" and last 1 1/2 hours. Participants must register in advance. Please call 419-334-7101, ext. 216 to ask questions. Register by Phone or Online.

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February 8, 2017

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