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Books to Read While Staying Home

While this is an unprecedented time of uncertainty and chaos, it can also be a time of growth. Books can be a great source of guidance and comfort. This selection was created for readers and listeners to help broaden their horizons. Topics include creativity, organization, human connection, happiness, habits, and much more.

At Birchard Public Library, we have access to an amazing collection of eBooks and audiobooks. Libby can be used on your phone, tablet, or Kindle if you have your library card handy! There is also a tab dedicated specifically to self-improvement books if you are looking to further your education. We hope that this list helps you start your journey!


Daring Greatly by: Brené Brown

         Picture of Daring Greatly Book Cover

Brené Brown is a psychologist studying vulnerability, empathy, human connection, and shame. It might not sound like something you’d want to explore, but she encourages readers to get in touch with their feelings and she’s right there with you giving relatable stories from her own life. Brown covers results from her research and gives common examples of why we are reluctant to connect with other humans. It’s perfect for people who are interested in the research behind social interaction and she has written several other books for anyone who is interested in learning more.


How to Be Everything by: Emilie Wapnick

       How to Be Everything Book Cover

For readers who love to learn and explore new topics, this might be the book for you! Author Emilie Wapnick discovers ways to incorporate all your interests into daily life. Whether you can’t decide what major you’d like to define in college, or you’re not sure what path you’d like to take with your career, Wapnick helps you map out your options with each of your interests. This book is helpful for anyone feeling stuck in their life and wants to find something they’ll love to do.


   Stop Self-Sabotage by: Judy Ho


Dr. Judy Ho maps out clear and helpful steps to curb negative thoughts, destructive habits, and other daily scenarios that might be bogging down your motivation. Readers will also find workbook writing prompts and exercises to fully implement better ways of thinking. Dr. Ho incorporates research from her studies on motivation, relative achievement, and happiness. She includes stories from relatable scenarios such as trying to lose weight, finding a romantic partner, and applying for jobs.


    Big Magic by: Elizabeth Gilbert


Creatives and intellectuals alike will find solace in the words of Elizabeth Gilbert. She crafts a world of connection and inspiration through her stories and advice. Gilbert encourages readers and listeners to embrace their artistic thoughts and dreams. This book is great inspiration for anyone who is interested in writing their own stories, wants to make a change in their life, or feels a deep connection to art.


  The Art of Gathering by: Priya Parker

         The Art of Gathering Book Cover

While we can’t gather in big groups for the moment, this book gives readers a look into the research behind human connection and why we’ve come together in big groups in the past. Parker emphasizes the importance of making meaningful gatherings and ideas on how to make them more impactful. Helpful suggestions on how to engage, inspire, and connect.



 The Joy of Missing Out by: Tonya Dalton


Now more than ever, our world has been impacted by limiting our interaction with others. The Joy of Missing Out aims to help make our chaotic lives a little simpler, and it may give readers some helpful tips after the stay at home order ends. Dalton wants to help readers find their priorities and cut down on any excess stressors. She emphasizes the importance of work that you want to do to help give purpose to your life. Excellent for readers who want to find balance in their life.


On Being Human by: Jennifer Pastiloff

Just like Daring Greatly mentions vulnerability, Pastiloff expands upon that human emotion by reiterating stories from her own life. After being a waitress, she finds an opportunity to be a yoga instructor, even though she has lots of feelings of imposter syndrome. She finds ways to help gain confidence in what she loves and helps others do the same along the way. An excellent choice for anyone needing an extra boost to be brave.


  Choose Wonder Over Worry by: Amber Rae


Fear and doubt can hold us back while we’re trying to live a happy life. Rae leads readers on a journey of gratitude and perseverance when life gets tough. She offers tips on how to stop a cycle of worrying, how to narrow down your path of direction, and ways to stop listening to your inner critic. This book is a wonderful companion for anyone feeling lost or hopeless in this time of uncertainty.