1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program

One small step can set your child up for a LIFETIME of opportunity and learning. Kids who make reading a habit early are more successful in school. So we're on a mission to give every one of our children a headstart on their education by offering our 1,000 Books before Kindergarten program. The program is pretty self explanatory—our young patrons are given a challenge to have 1,000 books read, or read to them, before starting Kindergarten. You are your child’s first teacher and your mission is to set them up for success by talking, singing, playing, and most importantly, reading together. This will put them light-years ahead of their peers.

  1. Sign up your child at the Birchard Public Library's Children's Department. You'll receive your 1,000 Books before Kindergarten journal, along with a journal to track your first 100 books.
  2. After your first set of 100 books is read and recorded, bring your journal back in to the Children's Department to receive a prize (and your next set of pages to record 100 more books)! 
  3. Repeat eight more times! 
  4. When you and your child have read and recorded your 1,000th book, bring your journal back to the Children's Department for your final (and very special) reward. 

Source URL: https://birchard.lib.oh.us/1000books